About Us 学校概况

Bilingual school is dedicated to promoting a multicultural society through providing the absolute opportunity to learn Chinese language and experience Chinese culture for Children of any cultural background who wish to learn the Chinese language (Mandarin) and culture.

As we all know, with such rapid advancement in world economy,many Chinese migrants
already acknowledge at the fact that learning Chinese will be most helpful to them
and so Chinese education is progressing tremendously. In order to arise the
interest of the students in learning the Chinese language, motivate them in their
understanding of Chinese history and tradition, we will plan a number of cultural
events and festivals.such as Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat festival and mid-autumn
festival etc.  

We realise that the best way of regaining contact with you. So please help us to
pass on the word to anyone whom you know,who may have been involved have language
learning before, to come forward to contact me. Alternatively,you can pass their
contact details to us and we will contact them.
We need your help to make language celebration which we would like to share with
the entire community of Western Australia.

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