Courses 课程介绍

Everyone has a dream, Bilingual school has a dream. Our core value is to make your dream come true. Every student is a milestone to us. Because we are on step closer to make our dream come true

What you will learn


Pronunciation + Flashcard + Examples


Structure + Formula + Examples + Similar Words Differentiation


Meaning + Dialogues + Articles + Long Sentences


The Chairman’s Bao + WeChat


Beginner + Elementary: introduction, conversation, travel, shopping, eating, medical care, etc.

Intermediate + Advanced: business, economics, culture, education, technology, law, history, medical, etc

Why Choose Bilingual School

It is our goal to make you a fluent Mandarin speaker and cultivate an understand of Chinese culture through cultural electives and experiential activities.

We offer private, fully furnished, single rooms with high-speed internet included. Our school have utilises different approaches to help you to achieve different study abroad options and each is customisable to what you need to learn.

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